Buyer and seller of jewellery, fine art and anything unusual, Ian Towning, co-owner of Bourbon Hanby Arcade in Chelsea, London, has been included in the UK-based Antiques Trade Gazette’s weekly dealer feature, “Ten Questions”. Columnist Anna Brady asked the questions. Amongst other things, Ian revealed that his first job was “in accountancy, but not for long, it did not add up for me.” The best and worst thing about being a dealer he said “is handling fabulous works of art and meeting people. I am very much a people person. The worst thing is being tempted to keep too much of what I buy, especially big diamonds.” Ian’s dream object is The Hope Dimond – his guilty pleasure, “Caviar House when departing from London Heathrow airport” and asked for any advice for those starting out in the Trade, he said, “Be positive at all times, entertain, amuse your clients and remember there is always something to learn, but above all have fun!”