Seven Years of Great Fun at Dickinson's Real Deal

Ian Towning, Dickinson Real Deal, You want more, cheap and chips With a  new series of Dickinson’s Real Deal starting this autumn,  David Dickinson and Ian Towning will no doubt be exchanging  more  entertaining  banter on the value of an item or two brought onto the show.  Sometimes Ian’s initial offer does not satisfy the seller.   “You want more?” is often his response.  In fact it  is now  his catchphrase.   Not as famous as David’s  “Cheap as chips”, of course,  but then that is not that level of the  fascinating things it would apply to  that this show attracts. For Ian Towning this will be his 7th year as an antiques expert on one of ITV’s most popular  programmes.  “I love being able to identify and bid for the items that are brought by some wonderful people to the various venues around the country.  And I always try to buy whatever is on offer for sale.   If David Dickinson sometimes thinks I could do better –  well, sometimes  he is right and  persuades me! Great fun as we are the best of friends.”