Silver Selection

Thinking of something special that looks great on a silver chain round the neck ?  Chelsea jeweller  Ian Towning has just the thing  at the Bourbon Hanby website SHOP here on the internet. Amongst  his  selection of  silver this is certainly different as it is not to wear. It hangs round the neck of a bottle,  a decorative silver wine  label, a reminder of  a bygone era. And to keep your spirits up. how about a tot of a smoky Laphroaig. floral Glenfiddich or fruity Aberlour Scottish malt whisky from a fine silver measure?  Click on the SHOP to see a selection after reading this Blog. Cheers. A much wider collection of fine silver will be found both on the website and at Ian’s showroom at  Bourbon Hanby Arcade opposite Chelsea Old Town Hall, King’s Road,  London.